Xcode 6 Essentials: Create exciting native apps for your Apple devices with Xcode

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Description: Join us for an unforgettable award ceremony celebrating developers and their outstanding work. The Apple Design Awards recognize state of the art iOS apps and OS X apps that reflect the very best in design, innovation, and technology excellence.

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Description: Making your app appealing to customers around the world requires more than basic localization. See how to tackle the complex aspects of making your app truly world-ready. Learn about the latest developments with internationalization on iOS and OS X, and learn from case studies illustrating common pitfalls to avoid and simple and effective techniques.

Find out how to give your users a great experience no matter what language they speak or where they live. Learn about updates to view controllers, the introduction of size classes, and get an overview of all new APIs to help you create adaptive apps. Hear about new capabilities, such as extensions and handoff, which will enable you to create great experiences for users to keep them up to date at all times or allow them to continue their workflow when they move from one device to another.

Find out which sessions you won't want to miss throughout the week. Description: HealthKit is a brand new framework that centralizes the data storage of personal health information. Learn from the framework authors how to save, query, and interpret health data to make your apps more engaging and personal for your users. Description: OS X Yosemite brings a clean new look, view controller enhancements, Mac storyboards, app extensions, Continuity, and many additional features you can leverage through the Cocoa frameworks.

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This is your first stop to discover great Cocoa sessions throughout the week. Learn how to create extensions that share content with social websites, engage users in Notification Center, and enable a variety of other exciting features. Tap into the potential of extensions and prepare to dive into advanced topics in Part 2. Description: The modern WebKit framework enables developers to integrate web content into their native app experience with more features and fewer lines of code.

Description: OS X is known for its unsurpassed level of accessibility. Discover how to add support for VoiceOver, Switch Control, automation and other assistive-technology clients to work with your OS X applications.

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Learn advanced techniques to make complex controls accessible with only a few lines of code. Learn how you can take advantage of its feature-rich API to store and query your own custom data and assets in iCloud. Description: Take a tour of the new appearances and behaviors that Cocoa supports and learn how easy it is to adopt them when you use standard Cocoa classes.

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Get an overview of the changes to Cocoa and find out how to make your app fit in and feel familiar to people using OS X Yosemite. Description: iOS offers unmatched accessibility support that can help you reach a wider audience. Join us for an exploration of the features that iOS offers for users with specific needs, in areas such as vision, hearing, movement, and learning. Learn how to leverage existing and new UIAccessibility APIs in iOS 8, including expanded support for low vision users, to ensure that your app's features are available to all users.

Description: Learn about the key concepts and principles that will enable you to make your app intuitive and approachable. Gain insights into how you can harness UI animations to help people stay oriented, get clear and meaningful feedback, and navigate with ease. Description: Learn how to build your OS X application using storyboards, view controllers, and gesture recognizers. See how these OS X enhancements can simplify complex user interaction controller code.

Gain a practical understanding with a high level introduction to Xcode's Interface Builder integration and dive deep into a detailed discussion of the new APIs with tips to create great apps for OS X. Description: iOS 8 introduces HomeKit, a high-level device connectivity framework enabling apps to interact with physical accessories in the world around us. Learn the objects that define these devices, see how to control them, and discover how to create a full device control experience for the home.

Description: View controllers are fundamental to creating apps on iOS. Learn about the enhancements made to view controllers in iOS 8 to improve the user experience in your apps. Dive into using and creating transition coordinators and find out about all-new additions to split view controllers and navigation controllers.

Description: Building your apps to be flexible enough to be used in different orientations and on different devices is crucial. Learn about the enhancements that have been made to UIKit view controllers to make it even easier for you to adapt your user interface to any size or orientation. See how to effectively use size classes to ensure a great user experience for any context and find out how Xcode can help you create and test your apps for different sized devices.

Description: Take the plunge into advanced extension concepts such as creating custom action extensions.

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Dive deep into extension architecture to learn how to provide a consistent experience between extensions and your app. See how to utilize extensions with Safari to bridge the gap between your websites and native apps, and discover how to make great extensions that users will love. Description: Being successful with In-App Purchases requires much more than just having a store within your app. A well-designed experience motivates customers to purchase, offers them the items that they want based on what's happening, communicates item details and pricing clearly, and provides vital feedback about the purchasing process.

Learn key design techniques, how best to communicate when new content and subscriptions become available, how to handle large sets of In-App content, and important StoreKit tips.

Description: Handoff allows people to seamlessly move activities between devices and pick up right where they left off. Learn how to save, transfer, and restore user activities in apps of all architectures. Description: OS X Yosemite introduces a refined new look, and Cocoa provides you with a rich set of APIs and facilities to embrace this new look in your application. Dive deep into a number of case studies demonstrating applications with different designs and needs.

Description: Make your app stand out from the competition with a compelling, yet familiar, user interface, and custom controls that match your app's personality and effectively reveal it's key features. Learn advanced Core Animation techniques such as spring view animations, and see new visual effects such as blur and vibrancy and how they can give your apps a visual edge. Description: iAd technologies built into iOS let you easily include advertising in your app.

Discover what's new in the iAd Framework, including multi-view banner strategies, full screen and video interstitials, and best practices to ensure optimal ad performance. You'll also learn how to implement iAd App Attribution to help you accurately measure the lifetime value of newly acquired customers. Description: Make better apps by trying things out first, before you write any code. Get a glimpse of Apple's prototyping process and the range of tools and techniques we use, some of which might surprise you. Description: Get the most out of iOS's frameworks by understanding their core idioms and expectations.

Gain practical knowledge of architectural idioms to organize your code for flexibility, clarity and reliability. See how to structure your app to take full advantage of Apple's frameworks. Description: Learn about the latest enhancements to the Core Data framework. Hear how to efficiently update your objects, execute simultaneous operations, and extend the framework to support your custom requirements.

Learn about extensive enhancements made to table views and collection views, empowering you to create dynamically sized cells and exercise greater control over layouts. Find out how to align user expectations from their settings to your UI. Explore what's now available in Cocoa and learn to harness and implement these key technologies to make your app at once totally modern and familiar to people using it on OS X Yosemite.

Description: iOS 8 brings you powerful new means of presenting content within your apps.

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Hear how presentation controllers were leveraged by UIKit to give you fine grain control using new alert and searching APIs. Dive deep into how presentation controllers work and how you can use them to present content within your app in exciting new ways. Description: Explore a selection of high-level software engineering techniques presented in the context of Cocoa Touch.

Learn how to manage complexity in large codebases by clearly defining where truth resides, by controlling state with Swift's powerful value types and immutability, and by thinking in terms of composition. Description: Learn how to effectively introduce new users to the capabilities and features of your app or game in a way that will draw them in the very first time and then keep them coming back.

Description: Dive deep into CloudKit!

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Learn how to perform advanced operations on records and store private data and gain a deeper understanding about custom record zones, ensuring data integrity, and effectively modeling your data. Description: Building an advanced user interface with collection view requires a great design, careful code architecture, and often times a custom layout. Learn how the iTunes team used UICollectionView to deliver a new version of the iTunes Connect app with an updated user interface incorporating pinning headers, swipe to edit and reorder, and a manageable code-base. Explore the patterns for sharing code between desktop and mobile, and see how you can optimize your code and write great apps.

Description: Come hear the advancements in document handling in iOS 8. See how easy it is to use the new Document Picker UI. Learn how to share documents between apps, and even provide documents to other apps from your custom data store. Description: Scrollviews build on gesture recognizers and underlying multi-touch mechanics to provide a fundamental piece of the iOS user experience.

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Gain a broader understanding of the iOS touch handling architecture through practical real-world examples.