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French wine, strawberries, and raspberries create complex notes that will dart and dance on your tongue. A late-night conversation resulted in Sandra's suggestion for a jam named Lipstick on a Pig yes, both sisters are a little warped. Neither of them had any idea what it might taste like, but Mary knew that Michel would jump on board. His only directive was that the jam or jelly must be lipstick red. Michael hand-picked a wine for it's deep claret color and berry notes, then poured it over raspberries and cranberries.

If you want something special for a celebratory brunch, this is it! Spread our Mimosa Jelly on an English muffin or a scone and drink a toast to your accomplishment.

Home of Gourmet Jams, Jellies, Sauces, Salsas, & Pickles

We still get that reaction from customers who taste it for the first time. Berries and tequila will do it every time. Apples, spices, and bourbon make a jelly with soft, sweet tones of fruit and flowers. This jelly goes down smooth. Mary and Michael develop their own recipes, unique flavor combinations that cannot be found elsewhere. Michael was cooking with his dad as a toddler, was able to prepare a family meal by age eleven, and has been developing his own recipes ever since.

201 Easy Ideas for Canning and Preserving

Soaring Swine Acres was founded in in Yucaipa, California. Since he had a couple of apricot trees on his property, he started delivering them to Soaring Swine Acres. Bushels of apricots.

Mary and Amanda ate them…and ate them…and ate them. The apricots kept coming. Amanda took them to share with her coworkers.

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Mary gave some to friends and neighbors. She shared them with her students and other teachers. She cooked with them, stuffing chicken, making sauces, creating a recipe for chocolate apricot upside down cake. Still, the apricot deliveries continued.


The delimma was confounding her. Mary could not stand by and watch this beautiful, luscious fruit go to waste. Then it hit her. Mary was always told that she was a clone of her grandmother.

She canned everything they grew on their Mississippi farm. Well, Maw-Maw was long gone and Mary had only one of her original recipes. Not to be deterred, Mary bought some canning jars and with a little research taught herself how to can. Golden Apricot Jam was her very first canning adventure and it turned out perfect! As different fruits ripened, Mary began working on other recipes. Family and friends loved her creations and encouraged her to start a business.

Soaring Swine Acres is a family company producing and selling artisan jams, jellies, sauces, salsas, and pickles made in batches of no more than twelve jars. Our mission is to deliver the finest small-batch products ever to tempt your tastebuds.

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In , she married Ralph and nervously agreed to move to Yucaipa because Ralph wanted a home with acreage. Together they found the perfect place on the North Bench in Yucaipa, a neighborhood with multi-acre lots. One week the bank agreed to their offer, the next week the answer was no. For every hurdle they cleared, another obstacle was thrown in their path to a new home. Negotiations continued.

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Well…pigs flew, and they got their place! They had to name it Soaring Swine Acres, and when Mary started her jam and jelly business, no other name would do.

Recipe At-A-Glance

When he told her he wanted to make a jam that tasted like rainbow sherbet, she figured it would be good. A hot and tangy, pickled pepper and jalapeno topping for Italian beef sandwiches, sausages, French dips, pastas, pizzas, and more. Peachy Keen Jam And I really liked that there was a low sugar version and you were told ahead of time, how the low-sugar jam would be slightly different than the full sugar. Each canning and preserving method is thoroughly explained with step-by-step photographs and beginner-friendly tutorials highlighting key steps. It is simple to start out.

Sometimes pigs really DO fly…and wonderful things happen! This place is amazing!!!!!

Ball Canning Back to Basics: A Foolproof Guide to Canning Jams, Jellies, Pickles, and More

Not only does their jam taste great, Mary was great with my 3 children. I would highly recommend shopping here. Thank you Mary you made our day! This is by far, hands down the best jam I've ever had.

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I've already polished off one jar of the 4 that I purchased and I only just got them last weekend. I will definitely be buying more!!! This place is fantastic!

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I live in Hemet and I make a point to drive up the mountain just for their "stinger" jellies. You cannot go wrong with fruit and habanero! Sign up to hear from us about our specials and events. Central Market. Gallery Market. Central Square. Do you have questions or comments about our products? We love to hear from our customers.

Send us a message, and we will get back to you soon. Soaring Swine Acres. Menu NEW! Cutie Pie Jelly Lipstick on a Pig Jam French Kiss Jam Cajun Corner. Cajun Apple Jelly Cajun Salsa Cajun Salsa HOT! Crawfish Jelly Morning Call Jam Praline Jam VooDoo Jam Chef's Favorites.

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