Successfully Implementing Microsoft Dynamics by Using the Regatta Approach for Microsoft Dynamics

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Microsoft teamed up with Origis to create a mobile app and device that enables elderly pharmacy clients to receive their prescriptions and medical supplies at home. Poi Labs has 15, Bluetooth beacons across cities within Turkey for navigation and tracking purposes. Because the workload generated by one of its clients was going to create a huge load on the on-premises architecture, scaling the back end was crucial. This article and project is about building a Xamarin-based cross-platform app and integrating it with Cognitive Services and a bot developed by using the Direct Line API from the Microsoft Bot Framework.

Microsoft helped Softplan insert Power BI Embedded reports into its SAJ desktop application to provide the court system with accurate and timely information. Helping Rock in Rio integrate their website build cycle with autoscaling virtual machines Entertainment. Rock in Rio created a mechanism to ensure new versions of their website are correctly deployed to a pool of virtual machines by using autoscaling based on virtual machine scale sets in Azure.

Today the integration of automated tests with Visual Studio test plans is available only for. NET projects. If you have a Java project, you can't associate your unit tests with the test plan items. This article discusses a solution to link single Java unit tests with a test plan. During a hackfest with Microsoft, Kongsberg tested an IoT solution that will provide their customers up-to-date data to make better, safer management decisions about loading conditions prior to a vessel's arrival and how much to load while berthed.

DroneWorks Inc. Using Xamarin. Kinetic Software and Microsoft teamed up to build a Xamarin. This helped reduce the cost and management overhead of the app that creates customized StopJetLag plans for travelers.

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The Emirates Air Line cable car is a 1. The challenge is to provide instrumentation of the cabin conditions during the crossing, and Wi-Fi across the width of the crossing and within the two stations. With its app, LISA has created an open marketplace for clients to select beauty services at a time and price of their choosing. Migrating an on-premises solution to Azure PaaS services with automated deployment Government.

Somerset County Council wanted to migrate their on-premises mapping solution to Azure. Using Azure App Service and Xamarin to build an affordable satellite-communications app with Soremar Telecommunications. Microsoft helped Soremar quickly deliver an affordable satellite-messaging application relying on Azure and a Xamarin application for Android.

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Microsoft worked with Cyberesa to implement a highly available online booking solution that automatically scales to adapt to all load spikes while providing a faster, more reliable release management cycle. Using Visual Studio Team Services and Jenkins to improve the delivery pipeline of a Java application for a leading automotive manufacturing company Discrete Manufacturing. Microsoft partnered with a leader in the automotive industry to work on improving the way they are releasing their Master Data Management application by using Visual Studio Team Services and Jenkins through a DevOps practice implementation.

Microsoft and Athena Intelligence used Power BI analytics to bring statistics about water usage and distribution across the state of California to Athena's customers, providing an unprecedented level of detail. Content Avenue partnered with Microsoft to work on a modern cloud architecture for their collaborative content platform, thanks to open-source technologies and managed application services on Microsoft Azure. KingwayTek, the number one navigation and map service provider in Taiwan, teamed up with Microsoft to develop a new personalized driving experience service.

Bots for good: Building a conversational UI for inclusive sport Nonprofit. In February , viaSport British Columbia partnered with Microsoft to build a proof-of-concept conversational interface and analytics dashboard for their newest inclusive sport initiative. Microsoft worked with SnapBizz to design, deploy, and render Power BI Embedded reports, reducing management time and enabling future cross-platform integration. Microsoft teamed up with 17 Minds to create an Azure IoT solution for their sleep management system Health.

Microsoft worked together with the startup 17 Minds to create an Azure IoT solution complete with a gateway for their child sleep management system. Xamarin app helps with state's annual homeless count, with goal of ending homelessness Nonprofit.

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The Connecticut Coalition to End Homelessness partnered with Microsoft to develop a mobile cross-platform app using Xamarin. Forms and Azure for use in the Point-in-Time Count, a major one-night survey of homeless persons.

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The app provided a dynamic questionnaire on a mobile screen based on survey questions pulled from the cloud. Creating an interactive dashboard for the LogiCloud supply-chain platform Logistics. LogiCloud and Microsoft worked together to bring an interactive dashboard to its supply-chain collaboration platform with the use of Power BI Embedded.

Scalability and availability are important in cloud services, but so is affordability. Financial Express uses Power BI Embedded to help customers explore large volumes of financial information quickly and easily Professional Services. Microsoft teamed up with ISV Financial Express to help them use Power BI Embedded to encourage customers to explore large volumes of financial information quickly and easily.

Kingston Technology wants to ensure the quality of their Xamarin apps and efficiently deliver the apps to their employees. Orchestrating and scaling Icebird's game server with Docker and Azure Entertainment. Game developer Icebird Studios was looking for a way to orchestrate and scale its game server globally. A hackfest with Microsoft helped identify a solution using Docker, Azure, and DevOps practices, which resulted in a reliable way to deploy new infrastructure to Azure.

Microsoft teamed up with Quantum Technologies, an Astro Reality company, to develop a backend server to host their services and create a management portal for operators to configure systems and update content. Liquid Greetings and Microsoft built a mobile app using Xamarin and Azure that will allow subscribers to treat their friends to their favorite beverages.

Netpartners leveraged Power BI Embedded for its new Sales Assistant solution, which will deliver customized sales reports to hundreds of customers. Microsoft teamed up with SnapMD—an LA-based startup—to migrate their technology stack from a private server to Microsoft Azure and to take advantage of Azure platform-as-a-service features to host their core workloads.

Using a solution that leverages Azure Functions and Cognitive Services, a BlueBolt Solutions search product allows users to define search elements across extensive collections of articles and automatically assign tags, potentially saving hundreds of work hours.

By adding data from IoT presence sensors, Ryoka Systems enhanced their meeting-room availability solution. Microsoft joined Future Technologies in Sport, Inc FTIS to develop an IoT solution that reduces latency in gathering feedback for both technique and performance during practice sessions for sporting professionals. RealBox Data Analytics, working with Microsoft, developed an end-to-end solution for a cinema to enable its customers to order food from their personal devices and enjoy a comfortable movie-going experience.

Microsoft helped Zerotech devise an IoT solution to create a smart pocket drone and add fun features based on Azure back-end services.

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DevOps practices help Lab4U speed up releases of scientific apps for students Education. Lab4U wanted to streamline its dev process to speed up new releases of its science education apps. Working with Microsoft, Lab4U was able to implement DevOps practices that cut its sprint cycle time by half.

Improving user experience with the Norsk Tid solution by implementing Xamarin app functionality Professional Services. Time management supplier Norsk Tid joined Microsoft in a hackfest to implement new app functionality such as geolocation, notification, and a widget, in addition to setting up new DevOps practices. In a joint development effort, Microsoft worked with Homebase to develop the next stage of its product roadmap, demonstrating how Homebase could leverage Azure IoT Hub and Azure Stream Analytics to store, analyze, and act on IoT data. Using robots and an IoT solution, Avatarion helps sick children stay connected Health.

Avatarion Technology is running a pilot project that helps hospitalized children stay in touch with home and school through the use of robots. It needed a way to collect telemetry data from the robots and interact with them remotely. The complex visualizations provide a set of views on IoT data generated from machines located at customer venues. It also implemented the key feature of allowing users to upload and instantly view their own Power BI reports in the web application.

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Together they came up with a solution that provides multiple DevOps benefits, including application performance monitoring, automated deployment, and usage telemetry. In Dynamics AX 4. And, why now? Summer nights in the city of Antwerp are great! In a DevOps hackfest, Microsoft teamed up with Foize to hack a component of a popular Foize solution. You 're rate starts only give! Nevertheless, not every hype becomes the success that it was expected to be.

PeakUp, together with Microsoft, developed a "connected chicken" IoT solution using Azure services that will enable central monitoring and better control of conditions in poultry farms. LiveArena delivers a video recording product that makes it easy, efficient, and affordable for companies to produce their own TV channels and provide on-demand videos.

Microsoft partnered with LiveArena and Triona to write mobile front ends and Xbox apps using Xamarin. Bypassing the need to upgrade the game engine, BianFeng brought their famous game to the Windows Store by using the Desktop Bridge and guidance from Microsoft. Mexico's IMSS agency is implementing processes to manage its complex systems and comply with government requirements. Beijer and Microsoft explore ingestion of massive amounts of car-sensor data into Azure Logistics. Beijer Automotive and Microsoft conducted a hackfest to determine whether it is possible to send very large amounts of data to Azure and to receive and process that data.

Beijer needed a solution for ingesting car-sensor data into Azure in order to turn the data into useful information and alerts. Musixmatch, one of the most popular lyrics apps worldwide, leveraged Desktop Bridge to bring their Win32 application to the Windows Store. The app was developed with Electron; read on for an explanation of the conversion process. Smart Helmet, built by Cybercom, helps make construction sites safer by providing live, wireless monitoring, panic buttons, and multiple sensors. Using Azure Functions to enable real-time notifications on demand Logistics.

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KingwayTek, the top navigation and map-service provider in Taiwan, is developing a personalized driving-experiences system. With Microsoft, they identified the appropriate Azure services to enhance data flow. Taka Solutions implemented a building energy-management IoT solution that uses Azure IoT Hub and Stream Analytics to centralize telemetry from multiple buildings for visualization and analytics.

Its ultimate goal is to reduce the world's energy consumption. Leveraging Azure App Service and Azure Functions, the hackfest team also addressed topics such as security, scheduled execution, and monitoring.

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JYP Entertainment wanted to speed deployment and better handle unexpected bursts of traffic. A DevOps-focused hackfest with Microsoft delivered impressive results.

With help from Microsoft, GoodbyeWorld Games implemented a DevOps solution that automated its build process, speeding up and improving its development pipeline. As it moves to embrace Microsoft Azure, CGI Federal seized upon the opportunity to leverage new tools and approaches to optimize the software lifecycle for its products, both in the cloud and on-premises.