Bulletproof Ajax

Bulletproof Ajax
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But most of those Ajax books are written for programmers. Bulletproof Ajax is different.

Keith, Jeremy.

Published by New Riders Press, this book is a step-by-step guide to enhancing Web sites with Ajax. Bulletproof Ajax [Jeremy Keith, Aaron Gustafson] on lymademula.gq *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Step-by-step guide reveals best practices for enhancing.

Just to be clear: this book is not a cookbook of code. The code is meant simply as a starting point.

Bulletproof Ajax

I go into far more detail on the design challenges and philosophical implications of Ajax. Personally, I love it… but then I may be a little bit biased—like a parent talking about how special their child is.

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A step-by-step manual discusses the best ways to enhance a Web site with Ajax so that information on a site can be updated without refreshing the entire page, explaining how developers that use CSS and X HTML can build Ajax functionality without frameworks and use progressive enhancement techniques to ensure that sites are usable in all browsers. More on Amazon. I can't say the same about the PHP side - I always coded that part of the client-server dialog from scratch.

Using a library is fine as a convenience once you understand the concept, and you probably do, but for others reading this I suggest doing it by hand a few time first and really understanding it. I have a search page on my site.

Want to learn more about Javascript?

The search pulls from a couple eventually a few API from external sources. If anyone is planning on reading, or just wants a better idea of the information found in the book, make sure to check out the associated website which includes code samples. Thanks for stopping by!

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Outlining Bulletproof Ajax

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