Antarctica scientists find bizarre creature 3,500m under ice: ‘Like nothing seen before'
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10 Strange Things Found Frozen In Ice Antarctica

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Published: 2 Jul Antarctic sea ice plunges from record high to record lows — video. Published: 14 Jun Greenpeace vessels begin pole-to-pole ocean journey - in pictures. Published: 7 Jun New research shows affected areas are losing ice five times faster than in the s, with more than m of thickness gone in some places.

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Published: 16 May Dickens novel that joined Captain Scott on doomed expedition goes on display. Published: 7 May Weatherwatch Weatherwatch: Shackleton, in an open boat, faces a Cape Horn roller. Published: 3 May Antarctica: emperor penguin breeding ground sees sharp decline in population. Usually 15,00 to 24, breeding pairs flock yearly to a site at Halley Bay, but almost none have been there since Published: 25 Apr Such conditions make life relatively sparse compared to other regions in the world, but the Antarctic animals that do occupy this frosty landscape are well adapted to handle the incredibly harsh conditions seen regularly by explorers and scientists stationed there.

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Whilst some of our Antarctic cruise ships boast a gym, sauna and small pools, this is rare and generally the majority have a lecture theatre, library, bar and restaurant, as well as the main deck. What do I need to pack for Antarctica? But according to the s radar data, the ice shelf lost about plus or minus 62 meters of thickness in the 30 years from to — which means it's thinning away at about 40 meters per decade — the height of a story building. Our wide brown land Japan's war on whales isn't over — the Australian government must keep fighting Darren Kindleysides. There have been many territory claims in the frozen desert Image: DX. Nat Hab joined forces with Lindblad in to expand our mutual collection of nature adventures. Can the position of the moon or the planets affect seismicity?

While the landscape may seem somewhat desolate to the untrained observer, it is actually one of the most interesting places on earth. The Dry Valleys in Antarctica are the driest places on earth. With such low humidity and moisture on this portion of the continent, snow and ice cannot even accumulate, which leaves the valleys as just a dusty expanse of dirt.

Antarctica is, on average, the windiest place on earth.

Scientists exploring this southerly landmass have reported wind speeds that have reached up to miles per hour. The Antarctic Ice Sheet is the single biggest mass of ice in the world and can sometimes be up to four miles thick. The continent as a whole contains about 90 percent of the planet's freshwater ice and around 70 percent of the total fresh water on earth! Scientists claim that if the West Antarctic Ice Sheet were to melt , it would raise global sea levels by about 16 feet. The highest peaks are estimated to be around 2, meters or about one-third the size of earth's tallest mountain: Mount Everest.

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This lake is about the size of Lake Ontario and is one of more than different bodies of water that has been discovered beneath the ice. While the Grand Canyon is largely considered to be the planets biggest natural rift, scientists discovered another trench on Antarctica that could rival one of America's mightiest natural features. The unnamed canyon was found during a expedition and extends kilometres, is more than 9 kilometres wide and reaches depths of more than 1,6 kilometres.

Scientists speculate that it could be even larger, but further exploration is required to learn the true boundaries of this massive rift.

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There are 30 different countries that operate 80 research stations situated around the continent. The human inhabitants who occupy these facilities number around 4, during the summer months and only 1, during the long, harsh winters. Since his historic passage through the birth canal, only 10 other people have been born on the continent.

Because of the earth's tilt, the sun does not rise in Antarctica from the vernal equinox to the autumnal equinox, which means the continent remains dark throughout the entire winter season. Conversely, during the summer months the sun does not set in Antarctica , which means it actually receives more sunlight than the equator during that time frame. In March of , an ice chunk broke off the Ross Ice Shelf that was kilometres long and 40 kilometres wide or roughly the size of the state of Connecticut.